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I’m so tired of hearing about the second amendment and the Constitution. If you love guns just admit it like it’s a vice. It’s like alcohol or drugs or sex addiction or gambling. It’s just a vice. It’s something you like. It’s not good for you or anybody else. You just like it. But stop the bulls–t about the second amendment in the Constitution, because nobody needs a gun that fires 31 rounds.

Bill Maher
January 12, 2011
Bill Maher Heckled by ‘Tonight Show’ Crowd for Saying Conservatives Want to Kill People They Disagree With
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Bill, It’s a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs. And you don’t need to be bad mouthing the right to keep and bear arms. How about we just put you in prison for what you just said? Because if you can just dismiss and/or ignore it gives someone else free license to dismiss and/or ignore every other specific enumerated right. Life would be considerably less pleasant if the police could legally beat a confession out of you or you could be compelled into slavery as a eunuch and praying to Mecca five times a day. That endangers everyone. Maher, you are a threat to society and the human race.

But I don’t advocate putting Maher in prison or restricting his right to free speech no matter how stupid and dangerous it is in the long run. Because the danger to society is greater if we punish speech we don’t like as long as it doesn’t cause a clear and imminent danger to innocent people. And so it is with the right to keep and bear arms.

At least Maher admits he doesn’t have any respect for the Constitution. I wish he would have said, “It’s just a piece of paper.” Just to make it crystal clear what he is really saying. He’s saying he doesn’t want our form of government. He wants to live under a government that has no formal limits to it’s power. An all powerful government is just as valid as a government which respects our natural rights. He didn’t say it but you can read between the lines that he doesn’t want you to be able to advocate for the right to keep and bear arms. He is tired of hearing that such a right exists. Well, Mr. Maher, why don’t you move so some place where your natural rights to free speech and to defend yourself are not recognized. I’d like to suggest North Korea. I’m sure you will be much happier there.

And the right to keep and bear arms is a vice? Tell that to the people in the picture of this blog post. Oh, that’s right! They are all dead because they didn’t have any guns to defend themselves with. And a gun that fires 30 or more rounds would have come in really handy when trying to defend those people. Is the right to defend yourself or other innocent people a vice? I think letting your mouth run off without knowing what you are talking about is a vice. A protected vice.—Joe]

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  1. Since Bill thinks the Constitution is a “just a piece of paper,” I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if he was told to SHUT UP or go to the Gulag, right? I mean, who needs that silly First Amendment, right?

  2. He’s a totalitarian in libertarian (he claims!) clothing!
    I watched him years ago, but he’s become more statist each day.
    And all he does now is target conservatives.

    Not for me!


  3. “I’m so tired of hearing about the First Amendment and the Constitution. If you love jaw jacking like Bill Maher, just admit it like it’s a vice. It’s like alcohol or drugs or sex addiction or gambling. It’s just a vice. It’s something you like. It’s not good for you or anybody else to be shooting your mouth of like Bill Maher. You just like it. But stop the bulls–t about the First Amendment in the Constitution, because nobody needs to say the things Bill Maher says. It doesn’t bring out diverse viewpoints about different subjects.”

    Mr. Maher, we have your reservation to leave for the Gulag this evening. about 1:30 am, I think. Don’t bother packing, We’re the state, we’ll of course provide everything for you.
    Writing like Bill Maher is so easy, it is trivial. He was never a libertarian, he just picked up the libertarian opposition to the Republican statist actions before 2008 because it distinguished him from the frothing raving BDS Leftists in the TV commentator brand race. When a Statist brand he liked came along he dropped libertarianism like a narciscist girl drops the escort-me-to-things boyfriend in favor of a sexy jerk.

  4. Maher is being consistent;

    I’ve been calling the leftist movement a death cult for many years, and here he is coming right out and saying it. It’s been said for a hundred years– you just have to listen to the left’s own words– the stuff they say when they feel they’re surrounded by their own supporters. We’ve posted on the British playwright, George Bernard Shaw (adored by the left) calling for mass killings. Well, you can’t promote mass death effectively if there are those confounded right to bear arms and to self defense, now can you?

  5. This mindset isn’t hard to understand. There have been lots of people who look up to gangsters, back in the 1920s and today. They not only tolerate gangsters, but idolize them. You’d think they were being counter to their own interests, and you’d be right. However irrational it may be though; they see themselves as being on the same side as the gangs– as among the eventual elite. You could call it a vicarious power fantasy in some cases, and a plausable lust for power in others.

    It’s simple; they look up to power, while harboring a general disdain for humanity. Of course the Bill of Rights is in the way.

  6. Oh, and Noam Chomsky has called himself a Libertarian too, but then he’s called himself just about everything at one point or another. It’s all part of the game of confusion of course. They’d never get anywhere in a straight-up, honest discussion.

  7. I’ll bet Noam Chomsky hasn’t called him a murderous statist thug too cowardly to actually take his place as a concentration camp guard, but I will. I still haven’t forgiven my undergrad poli sci teacher with the same name as my uncle for assigning a bunch of leftist indoctrination books for that class, including some drivel from ol’ Chomsky himself.

  8. That is except the government right,Bill? This way it will be easier for them to shoot all us bitter clingers.

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