Boomershoot article in GunDigest

I got a call on Friday from someone wanting to interview me for an article in GunDigest about Boomershoot. Cool!

A couple hours later I received an email with a link to the online article.

A quote from the article:

The concept of Boomershoot is simple. First, you shoot a target. Then the target explodes.

1 thought on “Boomershoot article in GunDigest

  1. Well, there’s also the part about feedback to tell you how well you’re doing. I had kind of hit a plateau accuracy-wise, until I went shooting with a friend at his club, where they had a couple of 200 yard gongs. I was able to hit the gongs much better than paper targets of comparable size there, and I think that really helped me at the CMP Western Games later that year.

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