Classifier special at Lewiston Pistol Club

From the Lewiston Pistol Club (Idaho):

Hi all,

We’ll be holding a USPSA classifier special in the top three bays of the BP Memorial Range on Saturday, October 13 from 9 to around 2.  The lower (Cowboy) bay will be available as usual.

The Classifier Special is mostly to the advantage of new USPSA members looking to establish their class (A, B, C, etc.) but is available to anyone who wants to try their skill against well designed, really aggravating pistol stages (lots of no-shoots, small target areas, etc). 

We will shoot five USPSA classifiers over the course of the day.  The classifiers will be chosen to test all three facets of DVC – “Diligentia, Vis, Celeritas” (accuracy, power and speed for those not current on dead languages).  I’ll probably take 200 rounds and bring half home.  Total minimum round count is 64.

In case you’re curious, diagrams for all available classifiers can be seen here:

The cost of the special will be $15, all of which goes to the USPSA.  For this event only, re-shooting a classifier will cost $5 per re-shoot. 


John Grimes

LPC Action Director

Barron and I will be there.