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Joe is one of the moderates who would give him the choice of being disarmed.

I, on the other hand, would strip him of his right to vote for not meeting his militia duties. And make him get a permit to NOT carry, and put him in a public database to shame him for his moral cowardice.

And make him pay double sales tax to fund the additional police protection he requires.


October 9, 2012

Comment to Quote of the day—JMMII.

[Kristophr is right. I’ve gotten soft in my old age. In the past I have advocated for the Swiss system where you cannot vote unless you periodical qualify on the rifle range. Assuming someone does not point out a constitutionality problem that I have overlooked I have no serious objections to implementing a system such as advocated by Kristophr.

I’m currently reading Lone Star Planet and expect to get some ideas from the book. Perhaps that will help me regain my edge.

Thank you Kristophr for pointing out how soft I am. I’ll try to maintain a sharper edge in the future.—Joe]

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  1. Lone Star Planet is one of my favorite books, by one of my top-three favorite Sci-Fi author, H Beam Piper. Has some great lines, well worth of QOTD. I especially like when the courtroom scene.

  2. Constitutional Problem, big one. First Amendment. Freedom of Religion. Even the Swiss do not require pacifists to serve in the military. (Note: they do require them to serve)

  3. He can carry it, even if he won’t use it, Bikerdad.

    And he can hump beer, toilet paper, and ammo all day for his town militia.

    The first amendment only says that the government will not pass laws infringing on speech and establishing religion.

    Religious exceptions for pacifists are merely a courtesy, not a constitutional requirement, and can be argued to be unconstitutional in themselves.

    ( That 14th amendment WILL need to be modified, however )

  4. Actually, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution may have the answer w/o even going to the 2A. Quote: “To provide for the organizing, arming and disciplining the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States…”

    So if the Federal Government needs to call out the “Well-Regulated Militia,” as “…to execute the Laws of the Union…”, then I’d think that the part for “Disciplining” those who refuse to serve comes into play. Now whether that involves taking away the Right to Vote might need to be settled in the Courts, but I think that out-right refusal to come when called should end up with Jail Time imposed.

    But since the last time that a Major Call-out occurred was during the 1860’s, I’m sure that some Liberal Judge would Declare the Constitution “Unconstitutional” if it was tried today.

  5. Interesting. Would qualifying a la the Swiss count as a poll tax in the 24th Amendment? Free ammo would get around that, but qualifying seems comparable to a literacy test. Btw, this amendment only prohibits a poll tax in national elections, but the lickspittle leftist wimp scum have, without judicial decree, applied it to state and local elections as well.

    It does kind of remind me of Robert Heinlein’s suggestion that one have to factor a quadratic equation in order to vote. With no minimum age. . . With a timer and a buzzer with flashing light at each polling booth in the event of running out of time. . . .

  6. There used to be requirements that only landowners could vote (pre-constitution). I don’t know about that, but I strongly believe that only taxpayers should be allowed to do so.

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