Quote of the day—JMMII

YOU want to force everyone to HAVE to have one–preferably several with extended clips–everywhere they go. Love the avatar–I’m so impressed. What a hero. Use that for “hunting”, do you? Or only as a “substitute”?

September 27, 2012
Comment to The NRA Surge: 99 Laws Rolling Back Gun Restrictions. H/T to Sebastian.
This is the avatar being referred to:
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Also notice the change in definition of words. “Force” means people deciding for themselves whether to own a firearm and is a bad thing but the use of the power of government to attempt disarming everyone is apparently beneficial.

Another way to look at this is that in a battle of wits with a gun rights activists armed with facts JMMII was coming up short in the “ammunition” department and had to invoke Markley’s Law.—Joe]

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  1. The quote seems absolutely insane on its face.

    Trying to give JMMII the most benefit possible, the quote could be saying that, by removing restrictions to gun ownership which would no doubt result in more people owning guns, we’re setting up a situation in which people like JMMII will have no choice but to get a gun– If everyone else has guns, they might feel “forced” into getting guns themselves. Of course the word “force” is being stretched beyond its limits with that usage, highlighting the usual rift between feelings and reality that is the hallmark of leftism.

    What they perennially fail to understand is that the worst people already have guns, and more powerful weapons besides, and that they will always have them no matter the laws.

    What they fail to comprehend is that we were never talking about whether people should own guns, but who. Government and criminals will always have them, so we’ve been talking only about restricting the honest people.

  2. JMMII is directing his ire at the wrong target. Joe is one of the moderates who would give him the choice of being disarmed.

    I, on the other hand, would strip him of his right to vote for not meeting his militia duties. And make him get a permit to NOT carry, and put him in a public database to shame him for his moral cowardice.

    And make him pay double sales tax to fund the additional police protection he requires.

  3. Kristophr, hmmm. . . I could almost support that.

    Of course, since I disagree with SCOTUS on whether the 13th Amendment bans conscription, I’m against involuntary and mandatory participation in militia duties. However, I have no problem requiring those who refuse to even be equipped to be capable of carrying out militia duties be required to get a White Feather card. Cards provided at public expense, (or at least public expense to the means-tested poor and at cost to all solvent Americans).

    I would further make presentation of either a Militia card (“Yup, at the annual/triannual/whatever inspection you had a suitable longarm, a basic load of ammo for it, and a way to carry it*; this is also your all-US-states-&-territories CCW and a blanket purchase permit for any and all small arms or ammo”) or a White Feather card (“I didn’t bring any serviceable, suitable gun with ammo to annual/triannual/whatever muster; but I am actually physically capable of using a gun if I wanted to”) mandatory ID for voting, obtaining passports, or anything else limited to lawful permanent residents or citizens.

    Yes, it would be a Federal ID. The only non-job-issued Federal ID (military Geneva cards, security badges, etc.) would would ever need, unless you needed a passport for travel. And all it would have is name, photo, age/height/weight, address, and a link to (but NOT a copy of) a database that holds only the following info — the human-legible info printed on the card already, citizenship/residency status, sovereignity status (crazy, under court ordered restrictions, etc.), and (for Militia cards only) your single registered militia gun (to avoid cheating, where guys borrow rifles they do not have regular use of to falsely claim militia status).

    Formatted properly, it would qualify as a Geneva Conventions combatant status card in case of invasion or rebellion.

    * With an exception for someone who is handicapped — they would qualify for a Militia card if they showed up to muster with a doctor’s note explaining what they can (if anything) use, and they bring that weapon with a basic carry load of ammo with them. If they can’t use ANY firearm at all due to their medical condition, they get a free ride on the Militia train.

  4. Oh, and I would totally have the background logo of the White Feather card be a white feather.

  5. My word, the places where my picture shows up! Oh well, while JMMII et al is making fun of my looks, my firearm, and my penis, I’ll be donating a few bucks here and there to the NRA and taking new shooters out to the range. We’ll see which strategy is more effective.

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