Friends or tools?

I’m sure you have all heard the old saw “the enemy of my
enemy is my friend.” Well… No. I think a better version is “the enemy of my
enemy is a useful tool.” And I think
that is what we are seeing evidence of unfolding before us right now.

Obama & Co announce a record $ 181 million in donations
in Sept, largely in small amounts from “first time” donors, too small to require tracking. At the same time, a
breaking story is about extremely lax verification of donor credit card legitimacy (i.e., essentially none) ,
and a LOT of hits to Obama’s “contribute” page (something like 2/3) come from
overseas, and there is not much in the way of addressing matching with the card payment. I would be VERY unsurprised if a lot of OverSeas America Haters made
donations, in violation of US law and with complicit looking-the-other-way by
the Obama fundraisers, because they know that while Obama may not be their
friend, he is an easily manipulated fool who isn’t very fond of America and is
working to destroy it. Not because he really wants to per se, but because he is too stupid and narcissistic to realize
what real effect his actions have. The folks surrounding him want to hang on to
power because it’s shiny and what ALL the cool kids want, but they really are NOT
very good at wielding it (or even understanding it), and REALLY don’t
understand dealing with those that only understand the power of tribe, bribe,
and force, for whom our western values are antithetical to their fundamental
values.  These people (the power players
in China, Saudi Arabia / MENA, Russia, drug cartels, radical Islam, etc) would REALLY like to
see Obama pull out a win, because America’s weakness is their gain.

News is also coming out that there was a LOT of warning
about security problems in Benghazi, and a SEAL team was pulled out only a
month before, displaying massive incompetence on behalf of the administration.
His foreign policy in general is now being widely
as increasingly ineffective, and his biggest supporters are those that
would gain from our weakness.

It is widely acknowledged that the first debate was a
disaster for Obama. Even the New Yorker magazine cover showed Romney Eastwooding
at the debate. I think there is also
a very real potential that the second debate, on foreign policy, will be as bad
or worse (if for different reasons), in part because of the above facts. I’m
not saying that the fat lady is singing her final notes, but I do get the strong
feeling that she’s starting to warm up for a really rock’n finale.

Then, of course, we’ll have to hear about the election being
stolen, voters being too stupid to know what’s good for them, etc., for the
next half-dozen or more election cycles, but that’s a price I’m willing to

5 thoughts on “Friends or tools?

  1. In 2000, voters almost elected Al Gore. AL GORE. As elitist a Democrat as there is in this country, who did not carry his home state because they knew him for who and what he was.

    In 2004, a 60’s antiwar protester who slandered his country in Congressional testimony and acquired his fortune through marriage was paired with a reprehensible ambulance chaser as the Dem picks for Executive Office.

    In 2008, a man raised as a revolutionary in a foreign country was elected President on the power of two words HOPE & CHANGE, and an ability to mask his intentions from supporters, despite the protests of his opponents.

    I think Romney hit the mark when he said 47% of the country was firmly in support of Obama. The previous elections show that is the case, and from free Obama phones to directed federal funds for supporters they will remain bought until the money runs out.

  2. Free phones, oh yes TracPhones… the sames fellas that contribute to Obama’s campaign… must be nice having friends like that…

  3. For the sociopath there are only tools. They have also been called useful idiots. Useful idiots and enemies. Those are the two groups of people in the whole world for a sociopath. They have no friends as we would think of friends.

  4. I forget which Lord of the Rings movie it was, but there’s a scene where the Orcs are marching to attack all the good humanoids (why waste a good shorthand term even if it is from SciFi?) when one complains about the rations. Another kills him with his sword and a third shouts, “Meat’s back on the menu, boys!”

    I’m thinking that when Romney wins, something like a bumpersticker, “There’s good news; Dissent is patriotic again!”

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