Outlier detection

As Tyler Durden said, “See if you can spot the outlier in the chart below.”


And after doing the seasonal adjustment:


If you can detect an outlier then feel free to draw your own conclusions. Those that cannot detect any outliers probably aren’t reading this, aspire to careers as fence posts, and vote for Obama.

1 thought on “Outlier detection

  1. Hmm. I’m thinking that a lot of College Students have been told by Mommy and Daddy that the Free Cheese has run out, and they are both Working and going to Classes. So whatever Student Loans don’t cover, then any money they need for Beer Pong has to come out of their Pockets, not the Parents.

    Of course, this leads to another Problem. If there are ‘X” number of part time Jobs available, and they are being filled with College Kids who are Single w/o Family Responsibilities, then “Y” number of working class Families are being denied the opportunity to work 2-3 Jobs to keep their Families fed. Lots of our Military Veterans are in that Dilemma.

    But the way the Obama Administration and his MSM Lackeys are spinning this, you’d think this news was the best that has been since V-E Day!

    Of course, the Modern Democommie Party is Scared to Death that a proven Millionaire Capitalist with Government Executive Leadership could win the Election and open up the Books and see all the Shenanigans that have been done to the Republic since January 2009. Can you say “Federal Prison, Boys and Girls?

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