Double nonsense

People like this think they are qualified to make laws regulating firearms? And the media doesn’t even point out they don’t even make sense?

Moylan said he has taken heat from the gun lobby for his stance opposing semiautomatic, .50-caliber military-style assault rifles.

Assault rifles are, by definition, capable of fully automatic fire and of a medium caliber and power. Therefore the sentence above is nonsensical from at least two different perspectives. I suspect a third because “the gun lobby” likely would not care if he was opposed to something that does not and cannot exist.

1 thought on “Double nonsense

  1. I suppose that if you got an AR in 50 Beowulf and converted it to selectfire, you could make the case that it would qualify as a “50 caliber military-style assault rifle” but of course it wouldn’t be merely semiautomatic then. No doubt the anti rights Nazi, being intimately familiar with rather esoteric cartridges like the 50 Beowulf, just slipped and put in the “semiautomatic” bit by mistake. Then again, since the 50 BE is close in ballistics to the old 45-70 Government, one could claim that it disqualifies our theoretical 50 BE AR as a “medium caliber”. You’d have to assemble a jury of gunnies on that one.

    I hear that Wal Mart is selling selectfire ARs in 50 BE by the tens of millions to elementary school kids without parental consent. I knew they were up to something when they started selling squirtguns and plastic, cowboy capgun sets. Bastards. Who do they think they are, recognizing the U.S. constitution? Of all the nerve. When is this recognition of human rights going to STOP!??

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