Quote of the day—Robert Farago

Those people that seek to disarm others unleash evil upon the world.

Robert Farago
Gun Rights Policy Conference September 29, 2012.
[The sad part is that most of the people that participate in and advocate the disarming of people do it with the best of intentions. It’s like giving candy to your children and it rots their teeth.—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Robert Farago

  1. I believe that they’ve convinced themselves that they have good intentions, which is very different from actually having good intentions.

    I’ve brought this up several times. It goes something like this;
    If you really care about something (as opposed to wanting to be seen as really caring about it) you’ll look into it. You’ll attempt to learn as much as you can about it. You’ll look up the stats, the history, and you’ll seek out and try to understand the debate. You won’t get angry when someone disagrees. Rather you’ll see it as a opportunity to learn or teach, or both.

    What we see from the antis is very different. They’ll do anything, wiggling out of any acknowledgement of the right itself, and out of any acknowledgement of valid self defense, using the most tortured rationalizations imaginable, even to the point of advocating violence if they think they can befit from it (F&F) and threatening their opponents.

    No, Young Grasshopper; this is something very different from caring or good intentions. Even the most inattentive advocate of something like this must actively (as in try to) avoid the truth, or at the very best, most generous assessment, they must not care enough to even look– The intentions aren’t “good” enough for them to lift a finger. This can be explained consistently only as a herd mentality, which can be compared to, or defined as, a hypnotic state. It is purely self-serving in the very simplest of terms– They hold this view because it is comfortable to hold this view, because the herd holds it or because the hypnotists said they’d be comfortable with it.

    The fact that they go apoplectic when exposed to the alternate view (to the truth) proves my point absolutely beyond a doubt– this is not a thought-out position for them. A well-intentioned belief (ANY well-intentioned belief) does not illicit such a response in the face of detractors. You see this phenomenon in all leftist positions and all leftist responses. They are automatons– pawns for the Dark Side. It may be possible to forgive them, if that’s your intention, because they are not in control of their beliefs, but they don’t hold their views out of good intentions. In the best case, they hold someone else’s views, out of someone else’s bad intentions, because they became too suggestible at some stage and fell prey.

    I watched a movie from 1946 last night. Good movie, but at the end there was the quote (I paraphrase); “A person who carries a gun only ever needs a gun because he’s carrying it”

    Let that sink in for a bit.

    It explains much if not all of the antis’ belief system, AND it is not subject to analysis or question. Not strangely, it is also the in-a-nutshell assertion of the Soviets with regard to America’s military and nuclear arsenal, AND it is the left’s view, at least since the 1970s and probably much longer, of America in general. Jimmy Carter said it openly. Actually, so did Neville Chamberlain. In the 1930s.

    The final scene is John Wayne forgetting about his six shooter as he focuses on the babe. 1946. “Make love, not war” is the essential message of the whole movie. This has been with us for a very long time. I translate it is “To hell with self defense. To hell with property. To hell with the future. To hell with life. Let’s fuck.”

    It appeals to the most lazy of mind and lazy in general, to the morally vacuous, and to the most immature desire for sex. If you look, you find these appeals in practically every minute of popular entertainment, the Old Media news, in popular art, et al. All that plus appeals to envy. As I say; hypnosis explains a lot.

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