6 thoughts on “Markley’s law Monday art

  1. How cute, little statues of Pee-nocio! When they tell lies, his nose gets erect. Looking to be about 3/4 staff now.
    How do you tell if an anti-gunner is lying? ….. His lips are moving.

  2. Is this kiddy porn?
    I can’t see how not, there isn’t an exception allowing sexualized images of children for political speech.

  3. And not to put too fine a point on it, this is an image of a prepubescent human with visible sex organ.

  4. I point out the “Peace One Day” icon for the group. It proves they are mental midgets.

    Anyone with Christian beliefs regarding the sinful nature of man or those who have merely studied any slice of human history must be well aware that perfecting man and eliminating war is impossible on Earth. This is why communism always ends in bloodshed. This is why crime persists despite education, interventions and irrespective of poverty or wealth, impotence or power.

  5. Kiddie porn is more than OK if it’s used to further the left narrative. It’s edgy, bold and courageous, don’t you know, and what; you hate the first amendment? On the other hand, if, say, Ann Coulter did something like that she’d be drummed out of society because such things are intolerable– she’d be victimizing kids in the most terrible way. She’d be up on charges.

    I take note of the pose in the photograph too. Back in the late 70s a reporter came over to do a story on my and brother’s new shop. He made us pose exactly like that– it has to be “artsy” in exactly the same way, for decades running now. It never changes. No doubt they got some black & whites too, ’cause that’s really artsy don’t you know.

  6. That these 3 adult males associate a penis with a youg child says a lot about them and nothing about us.

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