Quote of the day—Richard Nascak

We are not fighting for rights. We are fighting to regain rights we once had.

Richard Nascak
Co-Executive Director Florida Carry.
September 29, 2012
Gun Rights Policy Conference: Panel on State Legislative Affairs Briefing I.
[The only tweak I have to add is that gun rights aren’t lost or gained. They are infringed or respected. Hence I think this should be stated as “We are fighting to have our rights respected.”—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Richard Nascak

  1. I think of rights as political constructs: we have the rights the powers that be decide to give us. I’m aware of the idea that rights are ordained by God, but I was under the impression that you were an atheist. Where do rights come from, in your view?

  2. They are natural rights. We are born with them.

    As I see it the end result is the same as saying “God given” or “Endowed by their creator…” and don’t quibble with theists on that point.

  3. It’s hard to argue that a natural right to self defense doesn’t exist. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t a creature alive that won’t defend itself to the death if threatened. The one exception that I know of is a human being that has been taught that fighting is wrong regardless of the circumstances.

    Gun control is no different than taking the quills off of a porcupine and releasing it back into the wild.

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