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Mitt’s probably the best practical hope — and a thin, thin reed indeed. Changing the slope isn’t the same as reversing the slope.

Roberta X
September 27, 2012
“Not Getting it” Less Is Not The Same As Having A Clue
[I agree. And as near as I can tell the slope is such that sliding off the “cliff” is pretty close to inevitable. No set of viable politicians will be, or can be, elected that have the political capital to reverse the slope. Approximately 47% of the population is dependent upon the slope remaining the same or increasing. Reaching them and getting them to vote against their own short term best interest is extremely unlikely.

I see the communists and socialists passing out flyers on the street corners and signs, speeches and chanting in the park across the street from where I work. I feel a chill up my back when I wonder if these are the same indicators that foretold the coming to power of the tyrannical governments of the USSR, China, Italy, and Germany and the deaths of 100+ million people in the last century.

I understand the psychology of postponing the chaos, hardships, and horrors of the “safety net” (it’s really more of a trampoline that bounces people up and then off into the dirt at a later time) and the “guarantees” of other “free” stuff people have come to depend on going away. But it’s going to happen. The only questions are when, how massive the disruption will be, and the form of society as we reboot. Is postponing it going to make it less painful or more? Without data and very little rational thought to support the belief I believe it will make it more painful.

I will vote in a few weeks but without passion or even “practical hope”, as Roberta put it, the elections can change much. I’m betting my best interest is in continuing to invest in copper, lead, brass, nitrogen based chemicals, food production, and smart capable friends as my hedge against inflation and the big “splat” at the bottom of the cliff.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Roberta X

  1. I dunno if it’s gonna be fatal but it’s gonna hurt. However the Left is always claiming that Black/Female/Gay/Whatever-evil-Republicans are doody-heads and suffering (as victims!) from “false consciousness” are “voting against their own self-interests” – but they do.
    And after the utter “Occupy” melt-down fiasco, all the pseudo grassroots communists/socialists/anarchists/LaRouchers/tweakers/moochers passing out flyers on the street corners with the same-old signs and same-old slogans are just making more and more people mad at them – so there’s a backlash possibility – I can only hope and pray for…

  2. Then there’s the caliphate movement, which has been doing a pretty good job of infiltrating for quite a while. When you’re the top dog for so long as the U.S. has been, you’re going to be the top target. It’s a given. Now that our guard seems to have been let down, and hardly anyone is standing up for principles, all the predators are circling together.

    Former enemies are joining together to move in for the kill. They’ll work out their differences later.

    Brace for impact. If we don’t go “splat” it will be a miracle. Try to be someone who can help, rather than someone who will need help. There is a lot of work to do.

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