Quote of the day—Bubblehead Les

If there’s any conflict between Hillary and the Chicoms, it’s kinda like the difference between a Maoist and a Trotskyite.

Bubblehead Les
September 26, 2012
Comment to She’s a libertarian all of a sudden.
[In political philosophy anyway. Hillary wouldn’t want to play second fiddle to Mao or Trotsky.

I’ve read a fair amount about Hillary. She is smart, extremely ambitious, craves power, and the ice water in her veins is pumped by a heart of steel.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bubblehead Les

  1. in the 2008 Primary, I didn’t want EITHER Hillary or Captain Zero to win. But I figured that with Hillary, at least there would be no question as to who was in charge with foreign policy, as she had the ruthlessness to kick ass when needed. It wouldn’t have been GOOD, but I figured it would be in some ways better than Prez Milqutoast. Somehow I doubt Ahmadinnerjacket would try to push HER around like he is O.

  2. The differance between Hillary and Obama is this: You have a choice of either a crap sandwich or a turd sandwich. Now which one are going to eat?

  3. If Hiilary is so “smart”, how did that Jack Weasel Muslim Kenyan beat her like a drum? How come she she can’t do anything right at State? How come she gets uglier (and fatter—you see her cankles lately?) by the day and does nothing to even slow down that coyote-ugly?

    “Clever” and ruthless, would be better descriptors; and only because she is marching in pretty poor company, can she compete!

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