Quote of the day—Lyle

Special Interest; any interest with which communists disagree.

September 11, 2012
Comment to Quote of the day—Suzanne Langland.
[This didn’t really catch my eye until Windy Wilson commented, “Lyle, ‘Liberty shouldn’t be a special interest’ does fit on a bumper sticker.”

I’m inclined to respectfully disagree with that being on a bumper sticker. I think the proper phrasing should be “Liberty is not a special interest.”—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Lyle

  1. First; the ideal was liberty, then the Central Planners came in and started restricting and controlling the markets. This meant that anyone who wanted to function as a business, and be 100% “legal” had to lobby for some special dispensation. Now anyone succeeding in that (anyone who manages to actually function) is a “special interest”, which of course makes them a target.

    Starve the Jews, and when they sneak food in order to survive you nail them for smuggling. “Look at those dirty fuckin’ criminal Jews.” Same deal, though now it’s “Look at those dirty fuckin’ criminal capitalists.”

    At least now they’ve broadened their horizons.

  2. Indeed. “Liberty is NOT a Special Interest” fits even better.
    My car still has some finish on it. I wonder what the Leftist Wogs here would think if they saw that on my car.
    Maybe put it on with one of those barfing “0” stickers. . . .
    With any luck a few leftist heads would explode, and they’d either not vote or actually vote for liberty this time. One can hope.

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