Boomershoot/Tactical rifle for sale

This got lost in my inbox while I was out of town, sorry Mike:

Hi Joe,

Say, I’m thinning the rifle herd a bit, and thought I’d mention one of the rifles I have for sale to you, in case you or someone you know would like a superb Boomer/Tactical rifle.

It’s a Remington Tactical/Target – .308 caliber. Comes from Remington with their adjustable target trigger, tactical stock, and triangular shaped barrel with 5R rifling. I’ve mounted a Nightforce NXS 8-32×56 scope (NP-R2 reticle) on it in the Nightforce one piece mount/ring setup. The scope and rifle are brand-new, never been fired. This would be an absolutely killer long-range setup. I already have a couple of other .308s that I really like, and could use the bucks, so this setup really belongs in the hands of someone who will use it properly! I’d love to see a Boomershooter use it to good effect!

Asking $3200 for the setup – all mounted and boresighted.

If you know anybody interested, feel free to let them know, post it on your blog, etc.


If you are interested send me an email ( and I’ll forward it on to Mike.

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