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Meet with me and a few select others for counseling that will truly get to the heart of the matter. Let’s get past the firing mechanisms, types of lead or brand name intrigues and into the real-world answers that can reduce or stop this sort of behavior and make our world more safe. Together we can fix this.

Alan Korwin
August 27, 2012
Whatever Happened to Waiting Periods for Guns?
[The Brady Campaign want to have, “a thoughtful conversation that explores real, effective solutions to our national gun violence epidemic”. But the problem is that every single one of the ideas proposed by the Brady Campaign for the last 40 years has proven to be unconstitional and/or ineffective in reducing violent crime.

It’s time to try some different ideas. I know Korwin. I know people at the NRA. I know people at the Second Amendment Foundation. These are some very smart people. I have met and talked to numerous people from the Brady Campaign and Washington Ceasefire. I wasn’t impressed. They were evasive, easily angered, and/or ignorant. We are better than this.

The media and politicians have been riding a dead horse for 40 years. You would think it would be obvious that it is time to get off and ride a fresh one. But it is irrational to expect people to be rational.—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

  1. Here’s my radical idea to debate: arm everyone.

    I’ll repeat: ARM EVERYONE!

    Constitutional carry. Open carry. Concealed carry. Your choice.

    Aside from the rare suicide-by-bystander, and the rarer casualty by AD, there will be a lot less deaths by firearm and ZERO successful mass shootings.

  2. Truly getting “to the heart of the matter” is something the left must avoid at all cost. If it happens, they not only lose, they are forever banished from polite society and politically extinct.

    The heart of the matter of self defense is that we all have an in-born right to it, which according to our constitution (to which all public servants are sworn) “shall not be infringed”. There you have it, Alan Korwin.

    Next issue?

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