LAPD qualification results

I got the USPSA match results back for the modified LAPD qualification stages I designed. In order to conform with USPSA rules we actually made the courses much harder than what the police officers have to do. We always started from the holster. In most of the strings the police started from the low ready position. In one string the police start with the gun pointed at the target and their finger on their trigger. Even starting from the holster the allocated three seconds was more than enough for us draw from the holster and make the same shot the police make.

We put 22 people through the stages. 20 people passed with a 60% or greater. That is 90.9% passage. The best results were by Roger who scored 95.1%. Roger was shooting a revolver.


2 thoughts on “LAPD qualification results

  1. So we now have empirical data that shows that the Anti-freedom Argument that “only the Police should be allowed to carry guns because they are so well trained” is a myth.

    It’s a shame that my Ohio Attorney General will only allow Reciprocity Agreements with those states that have a “Firearms Qualification” requirement. He’s been quoted as saying that the RKBA in Ohio has to tested against some police Qual Course.

    Which is why people from a Free State where just being a Citizen allows one to Carry Concealed means one is Disarmed in the Buckeye State when they come over to visit, such as Tam.

  2. Yep.. people like us in PA have no option, without paying $200 minimum to get a Utah permit.

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