Quote of the day—Gay Cynic

One of my personal rules is to never piss off a drag queen.

Gay Cynic
September 6, 2012
[You hear the most interesting things when attending the Gun Blogger Rendezvous. The story that followed was worthwhile but I’m not interested enough to type it all in. You can find the basics of it here.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Gay Cynic

  1. My best friend in high school in Charlotte, NC, was a very closeted homosexual. I was such a naive and innocent kid that I never suspected he was gay. He “came out” after I went off to college. He came out BIG, becoming a tranny singer/dancer. He told me all about this new and exciting part of his life the first time I visited home from college.

    Along with tales of wild, very promiscuous gay sex (this was in 1977, just barely pre-AIDS), he told me about working at the local gay bars as a tranny dancer. He described one night when a pair of good ole boys, looking for some heteronormative self-validation, decided to beat down my friend and his dance partner in the parking lot at the end of a long night’s dancing.

    My friend and the other queen used their high heeled shoes to administer a painful lesson about the individual human right to self defense, to the rednecks’ surprise and, hopefully, their education.

    Yes, never piss off a drag queen.

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