The view

It has been suggested (by Barron and Janelle) that I change the name of this blog from “The View From North Central Idaho” to “The View From The Clock Tower”.

While I got a chuckle out of this it is just a bit too over the top for me.

Besides, in addition to being afraid of heights should things go sufficiently “pear shaped” that a clock tower view might be of interest I think I would prefer a view from a R/C vehicle (air, land, or water) loaded with Boomerite.

5 thoughts on “The view

  1. Yes.

    Even though one would think it would be entirely consistent with the “one man, one vote” concept I’m told voting on this manner is bound to get you talked about.

  2. The “clock tower” references the mass murder by Charles Whitman on August 01, 1966, on the campus of University of Texas Austin. He fired rifles from the tower on campus, killing and wounding many people.

    This mass murder is notable for several reasons. Among them is the quick response by students and local citizens, using their hunting rifles – kept in dorm rooms and vehicles – to stop the slaughter by Whitman, pinning him down behind cover and limiting his shooting.

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