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Something tells me if a random 1/2 dozen “friends of Tam” decided to go the full clock tower, the government reaction/solution would (eventually) be “call off the swat team, if there are any still moving, & call in the artillery”.

If y’all got cornered, that is.

August 30, 2012
Comment to I don’t get it….
[While being on the receiving end of artillery is certain to reduce the chances of a long and healthy retirement it’s the air support that I would worry about the most. Those bunker busters are a real bitch to defend against.—Joe]

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  1. Yep, I figure that the FLIR and Mavericks coming in from the Predators are going to be interesting to try to dodge.

  2. “But I don’t know of any vulnerabilities than can be exploited in a “clock tower” scenerio.”

    Oh, I don’t know about that. While indeed not a ‘clocktower’ per se, I seem to recall a structure with some historical significance in a city that shares the name of it’s honoree that would not only serve quite well, but also give pause to any thoughts of artillery/air interdictions.

    (just donning the black hat for a ‘red team’ thought exercise)

  3. Standing and fighting is a bad strategy against a superior enemy. Enough Americans have learned this lesson on their foreign adventures.

  4. The impression I have of those who might be called “friends of Tam” is that if they decided to go “full clock tower” that it would only be metaphorically speaking. I believe that they are too intelligent and too well educated to literally use a clock tower.

  5. Yeah, “shoot and scoot” was indelibly etched in my brain by a Gunny who knew, then re-inforced in a couple of Third-World shitholes.

    By the way, some of us remember how to shoot well enough the news won’t be reporting that the perpetrator shot 67 rounds striking 2 trees, an SUV, and a dog.

  6. Continuing the intellectual exercise, I suspect that, should the occasion arise, it might be discovered that Tam has quite a few more friends than “1/2 dozen,” most of whom, finding themselves not near an official clock tower, would seek to improvise. As for air assets, there are random periods during which they also resemble sitting ducks when their fragility may be demonstrated from a distance, and it should not be forgotten that said air assets have internal controls at the disposal of the operator allowing vectoring across various independent directions.

  7. My humble opinion is that I never want to be identified as a legitimate target. Still this won’t protect me perfectly, but I know that it does improve survival against all except tiny critters with biological programming to live off me.

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