On that whole Rachel Corrie thing

A couple of possibilities come to mind.

Maybe she stood in front of the bulldozer believing that when
the driver saw her, he’s stop. That would imply that she believed the Israelis
are moral and reasonable, and directly gives lie to much of what’s been said
about them in defending her actions.

Maybe she thought the driver would not stop, meaning she deliberately
let herself get killed, to be used as a propaganda tool. This would sort of imply some serious psych issues.

Maybe she was so stupid / ignorant of heavy equipment that
she didn’t realize that the driver might not see her, and not stop because he
was in a military zone that civilians had been excluded from and had no reason
to believe that some idiot might be standing in front of him.

In no case do I see any reason to support her actions,
change my beliefs, or care about her and “her cause” in any way, because it’s
nothing more than a personal tragedy for her family (who failed to educate her
properly), and a propaganda tool for people who want to re-create the holocaust
and tear down the best parts of Western civilization.

There will always be useful idiots. That doesn’t mean we have
to give them a platform.

9 thoughts on “On that whole Rachel Corrie thing

  1. Kevin – not a joking matter, especially with one that fell flat like that. I mean, it’s not like this crowd is a push-over, they want more sophisticated humor. You know, like the one about the suicide bomber with a lot in-vested in the explosive growth of his new venture.

  2. Travel half-way around the world to get in the middle of someone else’s fight and get yourself killed… obviously the fault of the Evil Jooooos.

  3. A tragedy, but she did not even follow the group’s safety rules. After finishing lunch before the others, she went out alone to confront the ‘dozer: this was against the rules. She first stood directly in its path (and too slose to be seen): also against the rules. She compounded this by kneeling in its path: ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN BY THE GROUP’S RULES. When she finally realised the danger she had placed herself in, she attempted to get up and scarmble away, but lost her footing and fell – which is why some of those rules existed.

  4. Another life lost due to idiotic films and books, in which Innocent Good (and you can tell it is right and proper ‘cos it is so sweetly empty-headed) Always Triumphs, and True Virtue consists in remaining child-like into adulthood.

  5. Think of it as evolution in action.

    I know her parents don’t want to hear it, and it’s rude to point it out, but she was terminally stupid. She didn’t just magically appear in front of that ‘dozer, she traveled halfway around the world to do it.

  6. Puns and pancakes are the ridicule this person deserves for her self-caused death.

    If only every suicide bomber could be treated similarly, before their blasts, they might realize the futility of their actions.

  7. As one person said of her elsewhere (paraphrased) “I knew her: she was intellegent, passionate, and wanted to make a difference.” Ok, maybe so, but that describes Osama bin Ladin, the Weather Underground leaders, and many other folks. Doesn’t make them right, or good, or worthy of praise.

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