‘Shark Bump’

American veterans under attack by our government?  That DHS statement from a few years ago does come to mind.

People are being arrested and “committed” against their will as mental cases for saying things that, by the standards of this blog, are fairly innocuous.  They did this sort of thing in the Soviet Union, but it seems to be happening in the U.S. now.  Watch both videos, taking note of the things that were said openly by the left on national TV.

I’ve said for years that The Enemy will do things that are so crazy we’re afraid to even mention them for fear of sounding crazy ourselves, or things so crazy no one wants to believe it.  It’s happened before, so one can only assume that it will be done over and over.  Has it come to this?

What happens next is we start blaming the victims.  “They wouldn’t have been arrested if they weren’t doing something stupid or wrong…”  Neighbors start informing on neighbors, and “you wouldn’t mind being searched if you had nothing to hide” becomes the word of the day.  “We wouldn’t have all this trouble if it weren’t for those people saying things against the government.  It’s all their fault.  Get ’em!”

Look for it.  It’s all happened before, and the sharks are always on the hunt.