How not to do it

We don’t know the details of the discussion but we can say one or both parties didn’t know what they were doing:

Police said Fleming was in a dispute with her 55-year-old boyfriend after discovering that he had brought his loaded 12 gauge shotgun into their shared home. They were discussing gun safety, including the proper handling of a loaded firearm.

It’s unclear the other details of the argument, but police said Fleming at one point intentionally opened fire from a close range from an upstairs room and blew out a hole about the size of a softball.

Instead of arguing they should have just taken an NRA gun safety class together.

1 thought on “How not to do it

  1. I think Ms Fleming illustrates the kind of behavior anti-gunners are afraid they would display if they had a gun. When I meet someone who is virulently anti-gun, I assume they have emotional and behavioral issues that they project onto others. People who have that sort of volatile temper assume others do also.

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