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  1. You use the word “or,” as if in all pro-communists stupid, naive, and evil are mutually exclusive. I think all too often they are not.

  2. It is a scientific axiom that once stupidity is encountered, no further explanation for an action need be sought. But “stupid and evil” is definitely not dis-proven by such findings.

  3. When you think about all the Socialist revolutionaries who fought so hard for the “Good Cause” only to be ruined by the very “Utopia” they expected to find paradise on.

    And EVERY Socialist KNOWS they’re building THEIR life up by tearing down the “Others”. They ALL know they are taking from the “Haves” and giving to the “Have Nots”, and they ALL assume they are the “Have Nots” until the powers that be declare them “Haves” and make themselves rich and comfortable in their position of authority.

    Those Useful Idiots are most certainly a combination of all three, Evil, because they want to harm others for their selfish gains, Naive for not thinking its selfish, and not thinking that it might backfire on them, and stupid for not looking at history to see how this crap has panned out in the past.

    (love to see Ubu52 show up for this thread!)

  4. My first thought was “all three” as well. I have come to view Karl Marx himself as a useful idiot. He of course had no original thoughts. This garbage goes way back before Marx in history.

    “How is it people can think communism is viable when even very small children and animals defend their property and territory?”
    The idea was to re-make the character of Man, much as a farm culture can re-make species, over time through selective breeding, to fit their wants and needs. Here we hit upon the iron-clad affinity between the Eugenicists and the Marxists, and the reason why mass killings haven’t seemed to bother the Marxists one bit.

    I think it can be safely boiled down to the Marxists simply wanting to use Mankind as a means to their ends. All their arguments, rationalizations and behavior, observed together, point directly to that.

    So it’s extremely simple. You have the simple, base desire to enslave wrapped in an endless web of misdirection and deceit.

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