Quote of the day—Brennan Bailey

They’re accomplishing the impossible: of all the anti-gun stronghold states in the U.S., California is the Grand Imperial Palace of gun hatery … and Calguns is besieging and tearing it back down brick by painstaking brick. There is no superlative adequate to describe my regard for these guys.

Brennan Bailey
August 15, 2012
Via the guns email list at work.
[Yeah. I have a pretty high regard for Calguns too.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Brennan Bailey

  1. Clear, consistent, concise, bold and fearless articulation of the principles of liberty works nearly every time it’s tried. Recent decades have proven this, and I don’t understand why so many seem not to understand it.

    Our problem over the last 100 years is that too many have been fooled or partially fooled, or have become afraid, and therefore they can’t articulate the principles.

    Then there are those (politicians and the businesses they favor) who profit from the status quo and therefore don’t care. Trillions of dollars in confiscated booty, and special favors in “regulation” are a gigantic motivator for those who see themselves as benefiting from it some way.

  2. As much as I’m not crazy about guns, I have a lot of respect for Calguns too. Lots of knowledgeable, sane posters on those boards.

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