Quote of the day—Alexandra Rodda

Guns are such phallic symbols giving the shooters feelings of potency and such a feeling of relief when they are discharged! I’m sure that is one of the chief reasons why Americans hang on to their guns so strongly. They should know that they are not so poorly endowed that they need guns to make them adequate.

Alexandra Rodda
July 30, 2012
Comment to Michael Moore Praises, Criticizes Obama’s Stance on Gun Control
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Someone should ask Ms. Rodda the process by which she determines truth from falsity. I suspect she also has some difficulties in distinguishing reality from delusion.—Joe]

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alexandra Rodda

  1. Someone should also ask her how her theory applies to my teenage daughter, but that would likely be sexist and mean-spirited.

  2. The Left’s obsession with Freudian psycho-analytics is cheap, learned behavior, on par with their shortcut sloganeering and bumper-sticker philosophizing.

  3. She’s right!
    I do feel inadequate when three home invaders kick in my front door, but this is quickly relieved with the jerky pumping and repeated discharge of my 12 gauge shotgun.

    I suspect that Ms. Rodda will probably change her tune about owning firearms if she is ever the victim of rape or of domestic violence/abuse.
    It’s amazing that so many gun control advocates insist that we disarm (including many who have survived violence) and never consider that they might be a victim themselves some time.

  4. Braden, the reason disarmers do not consider the possibility of their own victimhood is very simple, so simple it is simply overlooked: They’re just not very bright.

    The reason that it gets overlooked is that many of them write reasonably well, despite know nothing about the subject. Their ignorance gets camouflaged that way (to some degree) depending on the knowledge level of the reader.

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