Quote of the day—Ry Jones

I get crème brulee because it is the only thing you can order in a polite restaurant that is assembled with a blowtorch.

Ry Jones
August 10, 2012
[This QOTD was first posted as a Tweet.

Yesterday after work we had dinner at 13 Coins and Ry told me this as he was about to order dessert.

That Ry owns a flame thrower and makes the fireballs for Boomershoot should provide additional context.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ry Jones

  1. Took the family to a mom & pop bistro down the road. Really fancy sandwiches, actual chefs putting them all together / cooking etc.

    They have french toast brulee. To die for. French toast with sugar sprinkled on top and blow-torched to a crispy heaven.

    Can’t wait to do it myself. I happen to have a brulee torch.

  2. @Robb Allen – Propane torches work just as well. 😀

    @Joe & @Ry – Why am I just now finding out about the flame thrower? It doesn’t surprise me, but I had never heard about it before.

  3. You can get Bananas or Cherries Foster! The last time I had it in a nice restaurant, it was lit with a brulee torch!

  4. Comes the Dark, kiki and her friends – human and otherwise – will all be good for nothin’ except food…

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