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Just shoot yourself. The modern man doesn’t need to hunt, he has all he wants and can obtain anything without hunting or any other stupid sick barbaric medieval method. What the fuck do you know about nature? You’re just talking shit to give a “logical” explanation why you hunt, it’s all bullshit ! Cut the crap with the nice, civilized outspoken person, ’cause you’re not ! You deserve to be considered trash, you an hypocrite, people like you don’t need respect, you deserve all the swears in the world because you understand just one law, the fist in the jaw law ! Any anti-hunting or animal right argument isn’t ever good for you, you just know that one thing, that you’re the center of the world and for that you’re nothing,you’re just a waste of oxygen !

August 10, 20112
Comment to More Attacks on Sport Shooters & Hunters
[Remember it’s in their nature for liberals to be violent.

I also have to wonder if Kiki thinks butchering animals at the slaughterhouse is somehow less barbaric than in the field. And that they want hunters dead but animals in the wild to be left unmanaged would seem to be further evidence they regard hunters as not only subhuman but even below animals in regard to respect for their lives and rights.

That’s some pretty sick stuff right there. And it’s a very good reminder of why the right to keep an bear arms is so important. People like that have no inhibitions about committing genocide.—Joe]

8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Kiki

  1. Such venom and rage.

    Keep on writing stuff like this Kiki, so that the whole world can see how unhinged and irrational your side is.

    Just curious what her viewpoints are on those Indians that hunted animals for their survival a while back. Was that bulls**t and c**p, too?

    This is the weird, anti-human viewpoint of environmental wackos who think Gaia is their god. They worship the creation, not the Creator. Sad.

  2. Aw, hell, people like Kiki are just stupid, pure and simple. I’ve come to the conclusion that any further analysis is overthinking things.

  3. Couple of years back read a book, The Vegetarian Myth, by a somewhat reformed but still very ‘progressive’ type. She accepted that a lot of the vegetarian ‘in peace with nature’ noise is exactly that, and being vegan fairly insane.
    Her solution was to get rid of most of the human race and return to a hunter/gather culture(how that would end in ‘social justice’ and ‘ending the patriarchy’, etc., not explained as I recall). One of the eye-openers for her was the number of vegans/radical vegetarians who actually thought that carnivores could be taught to survive on plants, so ‘there would be no conflict in nature’. Absolutely friggin’ insane, but a surprising number of people believed it, and a lot more expressed sympathy for the idea.

    I doubt people like Kiki are stupid enough to believe lions and eagles(an exemption for birds of prey, maybe?) can be taught nicer table manners, but a lot of the other idiocy they seem to believe wholeheartedly in.

  4. Yeah, I doubt Kiki has ever seen a feed lot or a butchering & processing plant. Our hunted game lives a free life up until that last second.

    Then again, the sheep my daughter is raising gets pampered like a pet. This is the norm for FFA members. So it cuts both ways. Animals in captivity may live much better or worse lives than those in the wild.

    Certainly any farmer is going to make sure the animals are healthy. “Free” animals will suffer and die from things that are considered minor and easily cured in animal husbandry. Then there is animal on animal predation and parasitism, which have no morals and no sympathy. The hunter always trys for the cleanest kill.

    The broader point is that some people regard the human race itself as a stain on the Earth. Kiki’s type of comments flow from that anti-human attitude. It’s Critical Theory– amplify the bad and disregard the good– opposition research. If you look back far enough in the influence and idea chain, they are communists.

    Eat however you like. Just don’t try to force your personal choices on everyone else. Mind your own business. We don’t try to force other people to hunt or to eat meat.

    Certainly the second amendment comes into play here, in the sense that some people regard you as less important than beasts, and those of a similar mindset have been known to act accordingly. We are forever staring down murderous hate.

  5. Must be nice to be so rich that you’ve never even met somebody so poor that they need to hunt to feed their families. Eating venison is more honorable than accepting food stamps.

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