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My position is absolute. I want less, not more gun control. I’m not going to compromise or work with them on any issue unless the other side gets me in a position where the only choices are bad and worse.

August 7, 2012
A Defense of Absolutism
[I think there might be some exceptions to this position but generally he gets it right.

Our opponents do not have our best interest or even the interests of society at heart. Some of them openly admit that they will push for more gun control as long as there are still even one accident or crime committed which involved a gun. There is no trade-offs in their world view. They view the private possession of guns as evil. There is no negotiating with people that “think” like that. If they cannot even discuss the costs of gun control there is no point in even talking with them. They must be politically destroyed.—Joe]

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sebastian

  1. Yes; this notion that we all want the same things, and that we only disagree on how to get there, is a gigantic lie– a ruse perpetrated by the America haters.

    The rather clever idea expressed herein in the past, that goes something like; “My starting position for the negotiations is that there are zero gun restrictions, including none on machineguns and heavy artillery, and that gun manufacturing and sales are to be tax free much like religions” I think misses the point. Then point is to question whether it makes any sense to negotiate with people who’s only goal is to destroy you.

    Whether they intend to destroy you outright or incrementally is a matter for academics. What matters to the tactician is what can be achieved, and there I think there has been a lot of speculation and mistake. The American people are not so dumb, inattentive and easily fooled as we’ve been led to believe, says I. The main problem over my lifetime is that they hardly ever see or hear anyone who has a clear idea of the war we’re in– they’ve seen no one articulating the right side until very recently, and even now there is hardly anyone to vote for. I have yet to see liberty on the ballot anywhere. Even now the Old Guard Republicans are trying their best keep liberty off the ballot. Fortunately, they are starting to lose out.

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