Flying debris hits spokane man during target practice

In my home county.  The report said “shrapnel” but that term doesn’t quite apply here.  “Shrapnel” consists of separate metal fragments, usually balls, placed around an explosive weapon for the purpose of increasing lethality, not to be confused with shell fragments or secondary projectiles.  The differences in this case being “purpose” and “weapon”.

No, Young Grasshopper– If you’re going to blow up something with your exploding target, put the explosive target in front of it, so the fragments fly back and away from you and any spectators, then make sure there is ample backstop because fragments, especially from a ductile metal like mild steel or copper, have been known to accelerate to some major percentage of the explosion velocity (or so I was told by those who claim to know).  This guy was airlifted to hospital in serious condition.  Estimated distance from target; 50 yards.  Some mistakes are painful.  And expensive.  I bet he won’t make that particular one again.

Ry and I once detonated a teeny weeny Boomerite target in front of an extra heavy railroad tie plate (nearly an inch thick, IIRC), and that plate flew 75 yards (back and away from us – we were thinking a little bit at least) after being severely bent.  Maybe Ry could fill in some detail on that one.