Quote of the day—Liana Brooks

If you think you need a gun at the place you are planning to eat, you either need v!agra for your obvious issues, or a new place to eat.

Basically, what I’m saying is I assume anyone running around with a gun in this day and age is compensating for a tiny dick.

I understand some men worry about this, but I think they should consult a doctor, not run around with a penis extender.

Dragging a gun to a play date, mall, or restaurant makes you instantly suspect. … Maybe we should bring a ruler and demand an inspection?

Liana Brooks
July 19, 2012
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[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

H/T to Linoge.—Joe]

22 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Liana Brooks

  1. “Maybe we should bring a ruler and demand an inspection?”
    It looks as though this Liana person is fantasizing a little too much– probably thinks guns are sexy but hates them (and men) at the same time. Poor thing.

  2. She can bring out the ruler – but as a female I think she’ll have a hard time finding mine!

  3. A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity. – Sigmond Frued

    The representation of the penis as a weapon, cutting knife, dagger etc., is familiar to us from the anxiety dreams of abstinent women in particular and also lies at the root of numerous phobias in neurotic people. – Also Frued

  4. My penis is too small to thwart most violent attacks. So I guess my gun is compensating for that (probably common) shortfall.

  5. Personally, I AM using a gun as compensation for my penis.

    My penis doesn’t spit 125 grain lead bullets at 1400 FPS.

  6. There’s a simple reason GFWs are obsessed with this particular metaphor – Freud called it “penis envy”.

  7. I have yet to see, read or hear about a violent criminal attack thwarted by a man’s penis. Or any other creature’s penis, for that matter.

    Guns, on the other hand, frequently turn up as important factors in reports of lives saved from violent criminals.

    Perhaps a bit of research on this disparity in effectiveness would make things clearer to the twittering person.

  8. I guess I’m the only one who was a little confused — viagra treats for a symptom but it isn’t related to length.

    So not only do we have a Markley’s law sighting, we have a person who doesn’t know anything about modern medicine.

    Makes me wonder if she know much of anything

  9. And what, exactly, was she planning on measuring on my girlfriend?

    Why are liberals so sexist?

  10. You know those kind of things go both ways. At BoomerShoot Art was carrying a wee little pistol on his side… not sure if he’s married, but the ladies that are into that may want to check that out… I had a little truck, I drive a compact car and I too carry a wee little pistol, sorry ladies you’ll have to arrange something with my wife, who knows, if you offer to take care of some of the household chores she may work out some kind of agreement regarding compensation… tags = sarcasm,head shaking at the whole discussion, wife’s gonna kill me!.. lol.

  11. @LeAnne, Is that offer for inspection open to me as well? 😉

    @Bob S, @j, I’m not sure lack of knowledge or sexism. I think it is more closely related to a “different plane of existence”.

    @MD Willington, I’m nearly certain Art is married.

    @ubu52, And do have a problem with him carrying concealed?

    @alanstrom, [Face-plant]

  12. Mikee: Well, a walrus oosik (baculum) can easily be two feet long, and used as a club, so maybe it could be used to stop an assault. Not a penis, precisely, but that’s the mostly likely possibility if it’s ever happened.

    Although, if you want to shut up those that are fascinated with reproductive organs, tell them to look up info on the penises of barnacles (multiple times the body-length), aardvarks (four heads), and ducks (spiral, spiked, and super-fast inflation). (If you ever have a student in biology class with an obsession for drawing genitalia pictures on the desks, it’s a good research assignment for them. If they don’t get the message, threaten them with requiring them make an oral presentation to the class, and laughing would result in additional consequences).

  13. Joe,

    Yes I do!! I want to see it! Something that spectacular ought to have it’s own “holster.” 😉

  14. I do seem to have a knack for finding the “best” examples of “gun control” extremists… Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

    In any case, I dare say a rather disturbingly large number of such people spend more time thinking about my genitalia than I do. Definitely sure that is not a good thing.

  15. At what point do anti-gunner and their Markley’s Law BS cross the line from idiotic to straight up sexual harassment?

    They spend an awful lot of time thinking about my Penis, and really it shouldn’t be much of a concern to anybody but me and my wife.

  16. Liana Brooks should recognize that some rapist could use his “equipment” to demean and violently hurt her.
    This is just one reason why people carry firearms…to be safe from an evil penis.
    She should talk to rape survivors on their thoughts about personal protection.

    Regarding “Dragging a gun to a play date, mall, or restaurant…” she should note murders have occurred in these locations (which are often “gun free zones”).
    Gun Free Zones (GFZs) demonstrate the complete denial of reality by anti-gun morons. If they actually worked, then the whole country should be marked as such.

    We’ve had killers attack at schools, hospitals, restaurants, churches, post offices, court houses, movie houses and so on.
    When not prevented to do so by carry restrictions, armed citizens have often made a difference.
    So, universal, full-time carry is the logical and reasonable response and she is an idiot.

  17. I suspect she never heard of a shooting in Tx in which the parents of a (now) Senator were killed in front of her becuase she chose to follow the law that prevented her from carrying in the diner.

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