Whistling past the graveyard

I find what the anti-gun people and their media supporters doing very interesting. I’ve never seen this before.

The Brady Campaign is changing course and saying they are getting out of politics. They have created a new website, are downplaying their name and demanding “A NATIONAL CONVERSATION ON HOW WE CAN PREVENT GUN DEATHS AND INJURIES”.

The media is saying things like:

Some hint that the NRA and gun freedom advocates have muzzled them and that gun owners and the NRA need to be silenced so that “sane people” can have a discussion. It’s as if the “room goes quiet” and most realize infringing upon the 1st Amendment is where even they draw the line.

What I think they are beginning to understand is that we are well beyond critical mass and they can no longer silence the message. There are millions and millions of us with guns, cameras, and computers and we know how to use them. There only a few thousand of them and they can’t take someone to an “anti-gun” range. We can. New shooters get first hand exposure to the facts and they don’t look back. I take new shooter after new shooter to the range and they all have smiles on their face (wait until you see the report from today! And I got a call this afternoon about another new shooter expressing interest).

My friends and I can make a video mocking the antics of the antigun people, post it on YouTube and it gets far, far more views than the videos of the professional anti-gun people.

Our message is out there. The main stream media is picking up on it:

The anti-gun people claim the facts support their side but if you read the comments, something not possible with the main stream media of 15 years ago when gun control was at it’s peak, the anti-gun position is ripped to shreds. People are realizing they have been lied to for years and they don’t like it.

Those who claim “gun control isn’t a lost cause” are just whistling past the grave yard.