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Even most pro-gun control liberals don’t think of guns and gun ownership the way the abolitionists persuaded Americans to think of slavery — as an intrinsic evil that has no justification whatsoever. They just think that the benefits, comforts, and pleasures that law-abiding, safety-conscious gun owners derive from their Second Amendment freedoms are outweighed by the dangers posed by allowing the reckless and the careless to own and carry weapons. This is not a crazy view by any means. But liberals should recognize the limits of their logic the next time they pour themselves a drink.

Ross Douthat
July 26, 2012
On Gun Control and Prohibition
[The “pour themselves a drink” comment refers to the damage done by drunk drivers, alcoholism, spousal abuse, broken families, etc. and the lost cause of prohibition.

This is from the opinion page of the New York Times!

I don’t know about “most” but certainly a lot of anti-gun people do think of guns as intrinsically evil.

He also cites the long discredited study that guns are 43 times more likely… but for the NYT this was an awesome editorial.—Joe]

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  1. There are really two form of gun control advocates: Those who think all guns are evil, and those who think that THEIR guns, and/or the guns in the hands of the State are fine, but all others are evil.

    Either way their ideology casts a wide net. Still we have bullshit like 10 round magazines are just fine, but 11 and above are evil and bad. And my FAL is 100% compliant with the Massachusetts AWB…but the moment I thread the barrel or add a folding stock, suddenly its an evil “Assault Rifle”?

    They at some level know they can’t justify their ideology, and their idea of “compromise” is to take incremental steps rather than simply ask for what they want.

    Thankfully what they want is based entirely on an ethereal religious-like faith, rather than logic or facts, which is why the tide has turned on them.

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