Micheal Savage Doubles Down

He’s so proud of his Brady Campaign talking points, he sent them out in a mass e-mail today;

‘You don’t need body armor to hunt deer’

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In this issue: Michael Savage is in distinguished company. Last week, he was virtually alone in placing partial blame for the Aurora, Colo., movie theater massacre on Hollywood.

Now esteemed director Peter Bogdanovich has joined the chorus. With that, Savage renews his call for a moratorium on violent movies, as well as a ban on body armor and certain kinds of ammunition.
“After the slaughter in the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater, I immediately blamed the actors, the directors and the violence in the movies,” Savage reminded listeners, adding:
Nobody paid attention to it, because I’m only Michael Savage.

I’m not a legendary movie director, like Peter Bogdanovich, who I see from this morning’s Drudge Report more or less agrees with me.

Charles Hurt of the Washington Times also mentioned the connection between movie violence and the real thing, so I put a link up to his article on my website.

His article is called “An Open Letter to Christopher Nolan, Sean Penn and Warner Brothers.”

Maybe you already read it. Maybe you want to move on. But I don’t want to move on.

I’m going to say this again: Last Friday I said they should ban body armor for civilians, and they should ban drum magazines of ammunition.

Yet my point was missed by almost everybody in the media

I’m a gun owner. I was on the rifle team in high school.

I absolutely would defend the Second Amendment. But let me tell you something: There’s a huge difference between the right to bear arms and the right to carry around a weapon that could shoot a hundred bullets at police.

You don’t need body armor or drum magazines to hunt deer.

We conservatives must take the high road and say we are in favor of banning body armor and drum magazines.

That’s because unless our side controls what gets banned, we’re liable to see things happen that we don’t want to happen, because we have a communist in the White House who’s capable of doing anything.

(Emphasis mine) This man clearly has what I’ve come to call the “Beltway Disease” or the “Republican Disease”.  “We’ve lost and we’re going to lose more, so lets lose more in a way that’s a little bit more palatible by losing in a way of our choice.  It would be wise, my friend.”  Typical Republican– pretend to be on the side of liberty so you can woo us into submission.  Michael; go bang your head against a wall.  That, I would pay to see.

Oh, and; you do realize that city, county and state LEs are civillians, don’t you?  Just checking, Michael, being as you tell us on a regular basis that you are ever so highly educated.  Never mind that the CO shooter wasn’t wearing body armor, and that you’re asking us to be unprotected while the criminals could always get their armor, and their drum magazines, illegally under any “ban”.

3 thoughts on “Micheal Savage Doubles Down

  1. I own soft body armor for use on the ambulance where I live, because we’ve had problems with people trying to hurt the medics. I’m by all definitions, a civilian, and paid for the armor out of my own pocket.

    Mr. Savage can officially go to hell.

  2. Savage is a conservative in the same way that Roseanne Barr is an attractive woman.

  3. Savage is a conservative in the same way that Roseanne Barr is an attractive woman.

    This. He is the leftist parody of Rush, and if had hadn’t invented himself, someone else would be playing the same schtick.

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