2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Repeal the 2nd Amendment

  1. You know, this phallic symbol obsession by the hoplophobes (GFW’s to use Kim DuToit’s phrase) misses the actual meaning and purpose of phallic symbols.
    The association with the penis came from Freud’s predeliction to speak metaphorically about psychological issues.
    Phallic symbols are symbols of power and success. In pre civilization, muscles and a big dick were the only status symbols Homo Habilus had. In an industrial age, symbols of power and success are most commonly cars, houses, expensive clothes, expensive jewelry, and especially the trophy wife. It is true then to say that men want to have phallic symbols, and women want to be phallic symbols.

    Second, what then, are we to make of gun banning people like Sarah Brady and her organization? Do they have castration complexes?

  2. Repeal an Amendment to the Constitution? Impossible. Instead of Markley’s Law Monday, it must be Dope Smokin’ Monday.

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