Do you like your eyes?

If you like your eyes and are a shooter you need to read this post:

Non-ballistic eye protection is fine for keeping relatively slow-moving objects away from your face. Empty cases ejected from a firearm, dirt kicked up by muzzle blast, etc. For faster-moving projectiles such as ricocheted bullets, you need high quality, tested eye pro. I would personally prefer eyewear with a single piece lens for any activity where my face might be struck by small, fast-moving objects.

There are lots of tables and video of the test results. I would have liked to have seen more brands tested but I wouldn’t have wanted to pay for even the selection they did test.

To the people at, good job guys.

4 thoughts on “Do you like your eyes?

  1. Working in fairly safe laboratories and factories since I was 16, I have had to use an eyewash station twice in 35+ years. Both times I got splashed liquids in my eyes, despite standard safety glasses. Both times I experienced pain but no damage to my eyes.

    Mowing my lawn wearing safety glasses became an absolute rule when something – a rock, a piece of mulch, I don’t know – ricocheted off a wall and caught me on the cheek painfully hard. Another few inches and I might have been really hurt.

    The second time I would have gotten a LOT more chemical solvent in my eyes had I not been wearing my safety glasses, alone in my lab with maybe 2 other people in the whole building late at night.

    Shooting for over a decade I have had one hot casing go down a polo shirt collar, and one 9mm casing fly from my Glock 19 and lodge directly beween my eyebrow and my shooting glasses. Both were exciting but not damaging to anything other than my pride. I’ve seen about half a dozen hot brass dances on firing lines by others.

  2. Too long; didn’t read…but the visuals were worth the skim.

    Yeah, after seeing what happened to those prescription eye-glasses, I don’t think I could consider prescriptions to be “safety glasses” ever again!

    (When I took a machining class several years ago, I bought some safety glasses, but was told that my eye-glasses would be sufficient. Now I know better!)

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