A challenge

Here’s a challenge for you. Explain inherent, inalienable, rights and extend the concept to the right to keep in bear arms.

Oh, and do it via a few Tweets to someone opposed to gun ownership.

Here is my attempt:


7 thoughts on “A challenge

  1. The point of contention was that he claimed rights are invented by man and no such thing as inalienable rights exists. If people want to vote your rights away then it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do. This included including the majority deciding to enslave the minority.

    Hence supporting abortion rights and extinguishing gun ownership rights is perfectly reasonable to him.

  2. And my point was that they DO believe in an absolute, unalienable right– abortion. All other rights are subject to voter removal, but never abortion. It’s all about democracy, unless we’re talking about abortion, in which case a right is a right is a right and no vote can change a right, because rights are (well, one right is) absolute.

    So they have proved to us time and time again that they understand how a right works and that they are capable of making an effective case for absolute protection of a right, which proves all of them to be screaming, retarded hypocrites (in addition to hating Mankind and promoting tyranny).

  3. I figured I was pretty much done with the conversation once I got him to agree that his “logic” would lead to a situation where if the majority decided they wanted to enslave him, it would not infringe upon or abridge his personal rights. He said it would be “horrible” (though, the obvious question is, “Why, if it does not infringe on rights?”), but that is about it.

    He ended up blocking me because he did not like me quoting his words back at him; from that alone, I would venture to say he was not the sharpest bulb in the shed.

  4. Not only did I get blocked he/she/it called-out SPAM on me and I was Twitter-suspended until they cleared it up… Sheesh, what thin-skinned bubble-people.

  5. But, Lyle, of course they accept abortion as an inalienable right–it is, arguably, murder–and they are just itching to murder all those people who disagree with them, or worse, who engage in Capitalism.

    How else can we obtain Utopia, if we don’t break a few eggs? And how can you break a few eggs, if murder weren’t legal?

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