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Is it really that funny?

Both of the new shooters this week asked me, “How many guns do you have?” They both laughed when I truthfully said, “I don’t know.”

I don’t know how many computers, shirts, or pencils I have either.


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  1. My answer to an inquiry of how many guns I own is borrowed from Senator Phil Gramm, in his address to an NRA Convention, years ago. “I have more guns than I need, but not as many as I want.”

  2. Guns and computers both, I could probably come up with a reasonable estimate but I’d have to think about it and I will probably be off by one or two.

  3. My favorite response has always been “On me?”
    It never fails to garner a brief, blank look while they try to parse exactly what I’m saying.

  4. All of the above, not quite enough. Especially the shirts. Carry shirts.

  5. Some blogger once wrote that 22LR handguns and rifles were to be treated as commodities, or at least like any other household necessity (like lightbulbs), and thus were not to be included in the accounting of firearms at one’s home.

    In a similar vein, in my home there are several firearms under my control that are not mine, specifically those belonging to my son and daughter, who are both away at college. Do I count those, or not? I like my son’s 22LR Ruger Mark II better than my own Mark I, and shoot it as often as anything else.

    Like Barbie once said, “Math is hard!”

  6. My reply is usually; One less than I need to have. Or if the question is phrased as “how may guns is enough?” The the answer is one more than I already have…..

  7. For what it’s worth, I find it funny that I can’t count the number of computers I have. But, like guns, I don’t nearly have enough (and I certainly wish I still had some of the vintage computers I had in my childhood!)

  8. My standard response is usually quite effective. “More than two.”

    The following explanation will give clarity to its origination. NOTE: This does not work especially well on the 8 police officers including the K-9 unit responding to a burglary alarm at your home when you are not there.

    Situation went something like this 30 min later when I was finally able to get there from 40 miles away at work.

    Officer- “How many guns do you have in the house.”
    Me- “I don’t know.”
    Officer- “How many guns do you have in the house.” (Same question as if I’d change my answer)
    Me- “I don’t know.”
    Officer- “Well how many guns do you own then?”
    Me- “I’m not sure, but if I had to give a 100% truthful answer right here on the spot, I would have to say, more than two.”
    Officer- Clearly angered, “What kind are they and where are they located in the house.”
    Me- “there is a revolver in the coffee table, a 9mm on the magnet under my desk and a 22lr. on the island in the kitchen that I was cleaning this morning before I…”
    Officer- “That’s 3! You lying to me!”
    Me- “I’m sorry?” (Thinking to myself, when did 2 become greater than 3?)
    Officer- “Why are you being passively evasive?

    At this point I thanked them for their time, and their help in keeping bad guys from running the streets with my machineguns and terminated contact.

    Moral of the story: Be sure that all interior alarmed doors are closed securely before setting the heater timer and alarm…

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