New shooters report

I had not fired a gun since March and then this week I had two new shooters to take to the range.

The first new shooter was Maggie who went last night:


This was after shooting about 40 rounds. Nice group!

After about 80 rounds I gave her an USPSA target:

Tonight it was Julie’s turn. Julie is the daughter of this new shooter I took to the range nearly three years ago:


As I pointed out to Julie her group was smaller than that of the shooter in the next lane over. And after a couple more targets almost all of her hits were in the black at the same range.

After a couple hundred rounds I gave her an USPSA target:

Those smiles will bring tears to the eyes of the Brady Campaign people. Keep those smiles coming folks!

A third new shooter, Kelsey, is currently scheduled for a trip to the range on July 28th.

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