Quote of the day—Leland Yee

Unfortunately there are many individuals in the state and in this country that look to the bill that I am carrying as really un-American. And I will tell you that I am probably as American as anyone else.

Leland Yee
California State Senator
July 12, 2012
Author of gun control bill SB 249.
‘Bullet Button’ Supporters Intensify Campaign Against State Sen. Yee
[Do the see the way he did that? He changed topics between sentences. He may be technically, as in living here since the age of three and being a naturalized citizen, as American “as anyone else” but the bill is not “American”. And he did not defend the bill as being “American”. It is an obvious infringement of the Second Amendment and I think this quote demonstrates he knows it.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Leland Yee

  1. I just sent him a scathing letter questioning the utility of his bill.
    I was perturbed by his noting of stupid racist comments that he received, which he uses as a shield for his bill.

    If he wants to avoid accusations of being un-American, perhaps he can start by not attacking rights of Americans.

    He’s a hysterical, unthinking, liberal who must do something, even if it is useless and counter-productive.

    His website has quotes from Josh Sugarmann at the VPC, so we know that he is not a deep thinker, even with a PhD.

  2. OK, I have no skin in the game, as I have never lived & hope never to have to live in the Bear Republic (but if I can ever get a job again, who knows where it will be). And I do realize that this sort of thing has to be seriously aggravating. But in the long run, I think that letting them get more and more ridiculous is going to give organizations such as SAF better grounds for taking them to court (probably all the way since they live under the ninth circus) and getting useful precedent kicking them all (including several northeastern states) back into line.

    As it is, for the most part precedent and momentum are heading our way–this is probably more an example of the serpent writhing in its death throes than anything else. Of course, I could be wrong, but that is how I see the situation at this date.

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