Quote of the day—Wayne LaPierre

For six years, the NRA has closely monitored this effort for an Arms Trade Treaty.

We have watched with increasing concern and, one year ago, I delivered to the Preparatory Committee our objections to including civilian arms in the ATT. I said then … and I will repeat now … that the only way to address NRA’s objections is to simply and completely remove civilian firearms from the scope of the treaty.

That is the only solution. On that there will be no compromise. American gun owners will never surrender our Second Amendment freedom. Period.

Wayne LaPierre
July 11, 2012
Wayne LaPierre Fights for the Second Amendment Before the United Nations
[He apparently didn’t explicitly tell the UN this so I’ll say it for him. The UN can have my guns when they reanimate their cold dead hands.—Joe]

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Wayne LaPierre

  1. Blue helmeted UN goons wouldn’t be the ones coming for your guns though. It would be regular American LEOs.

  2. I don’t think they’d bother “taking our guns” even if the treaty passes and is ratified. I think it’d be a lot more like machine guns in 1986, where they just say “you can’t have new ones” and / or just put so much UN mandated paperwork on the manufacture of them that all the makers go out of business. And, of course, if they make it impossible to manufacture ammo or components, the utility of the firearms themselves would be significantly reduced.

    Not that I see this as a good thing, of course. I just expect that it’s how the antis will respond to the charge “they’re going to take our guns”. They’ll point out that they aren’t going to “take” anything, all the while not mentioning that if they keep you from getting more ammo, you’re equally fucked.

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