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Concealed carry may not be the answer to violent crimes in total, but it sure beats Maryland’s crime solution: Be a victim.

Sir, you choose to be a sheep; I choose to be a sheepdog with a firearm. Don’t throw fallacy at fact. Crime has dropped where concealed carry is allowed. When the wolf shows up, who are you going to call? Perhaps another sheep.

Michael Enfante
June 28, 2012
Wolves, sheep and sheepdogs
[The problem is that, in general, sheep fear the sheepdog almost as much as they do the wolf. Fangs are fangs they say. Fine. Fear the sheepdog. Just don’t demand that everyone be sheep because while you might manage to persuade a few sheepdogs to have their fangs removed you won’t convince the wolfs to become vegetarians. And we all know what is for dinner when two wolves and a sheep vote on it.—Joe]


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  1. Sheepdogs imply a Shepard … someone who fleeces sheep and eats mutton.

    Bad analogy in my opinion.

  2. Yeah; I don’t consider myself a sheepdog, because I don’t feel the need to herd anyone, or to “eat mutton”. If you want to really look at that analogy; those attempting to be sheepdogs, working for their masters, the sheep herders, are the authoritarians (the left)(the communists).

  3. Anyway, yes; the quote makes excellent points. The weak fear and resent the strong, and the authoritarians cannot abide the strong. The strong just want to live in peace, but no one else wants to leave them in peace. If the strong are left to their own devices, everyone else benefits, but the weak either cannot see it or refuse to accept it.

    Then again, how many ways can we state the simple and the obvious? Freedom along with personal responsibility works, while a coercive command and control society will always devour itself. We’re now gathered around the cannibal pot. That’s one thing the weak never realize– although they’re made to believe that all this escalation of government coercion is for their benefit, they will be the first ones to go when it all starts to unravel (unless the strong are there, as individuals, to help them).

  4. So endeavor to be one of the strong who can help others. Better to have your own well-armed soup kitchen than a gang of bandits.

  5. A sheepdog is an anathema to a Shepard. He protects the sheep and the Shepard sits on his ass and throws him a bone.
    Sorta like now.

  6. All analogies break down upon sufficient inspection. The main point to be learned from the wolf/sheepdog/sheep analogy is that there is a difference between predator violence and protective violence. If you push much past that then we are going too far.

  7. This is the key fact to derive from the Sheep/sheepdog/wolf analogy. “that there is a difference between predator violence and protective violence.”
    Pacifists are unable to make that distinction, much like in the original post, sheep that only know fangs are fangs. Pacifists are people who are against sticking knives into people, so they demonstrate against surgeons and hospitals. This failure to make important distinctions is the origin (actually one of many) of the fix we’re in now.

  8. @Kat, I apologized for the steak. I was wrong there. But I didn’t say anything bad about sheep (or Akbash) dogs. And I was very nice to Pirate.

  9. “And we all know what is for dinner when two wolves and a sheep vote on it.”

    The exact same thing as when it is two sheep and one wolf doing the “voting”. Or four or five sheep for that matter. Unless the sheep are armed and willing to use said arms.

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