Quote of the day—Sensible Educated Person

Apart from obvious psychological issues and inability to use proper grammar, you represent the paranoid fringe of our society. Disparaging those who disagree with your right wing opinions only reinforces your image as an ignorant conspiracy theorist who compensates for his inadequate sexual equipment with lots and lots of guns.

Sensible Educated Person
June 29, 2012
Comment on That didn’t work for G. Gordon Liddy.
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

This was directed at me. My response is in the comments.—Joe]

7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sensible Educated Person

  1. Wow. What a complete twat.

    Kind of ironic how someone calling themselves “educated” can only make what is accurately described as a bigoted attack against their victim’s genitalia.

  2. The left has always misrepresented itself though, hasn’t it? “All the news that’s fit to print”, “Progressive” (failing to understand where the word actually came from), “Open Society”, “compassion”, “fairness”, “social justice”– you name it. It’s all a pack of very deep lies designed to fool people into accepting the destruction of their liberty. “It’s for the children” don’t you know (as though my children would be better off under a command and control, authoritarian police state). “Sensible and educated” can be added to the list of lies.

    Chameleons. Inept chameleons. We see them now. It’s been said that they’re about to change their spots, or to shape-shift, again. Sensible and Educated has some catch-up work to do– he (or she) is still using the old, tired playbook. Next he’ll be calling us fags (after calling us homophobes).

  3. Recently heard best jab of the day: “..so-called intellectuals.” I been to college lots. It don’t impress me no more.

  4. Having a string of letters after your name, does not guarantee “common sense” or street smarts.

  5. I too have lots of guns. I put in two full careers, one defending my Nation and one defending my community. Along the way, I used my sexuality to father 4 children, all grown now, including a doctor, a nurse and an IT professional. At almost 69 years of age, I have demonstrated my proficiency with both my Rifle and my “gun”, and yes, I’m on the right side of politics. There are plenty like me out there, and this idiot knows it, which is why he resorts to puerile insults to defend his right to be insane.

  6. He needs to be taxed for not owning a firearm.

    It’s constitutional to do that now.

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