Quote of the day—Paul Carpenter

This might be a good time for CeaseFirePA to shift to other arguments, and to stop using terms like “straw purchases” to prove that only government authorities are qualified to deal with firearms.

Paul Carpenter
June 30, 2012
Holder’s Fast and Furious fiasco does not help PA’s gun control crusade.
[The problem is like nearly all gun control groups they are essentially a “one-trick pony”. They insist, contrary to evidence, that the people in government are somehow better people and the only ones that should have firearms. Deception and insistence of things that are not true is all they have going for them. They don’t have any good arguments. So what are they to do?

My suggesting is they change their names and get real jobs.—Joe]

1 thought on “Quote of the day—Paul Carpenter

  1. If they were smart, they’d try to appear pro gun. They’d join the NRA, Second Amendment Foundation, et al and try to corrupt it from the inside. They’ll have to wait a long time though, because right now we’re totally on to them. Their best bet is to fade into the woodwork where they belong, and let us forget about them. Maybe in a generation or three, they can catch someone off guard again.

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