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You have to wonder how far the anti-gun movement could have gotten if they had been honest, instead tricking the American people into gun control through deception and subterfuge. What’s even more amazing to me, faced with the utter failure of their movement, like a one-trick pony, they keep doing the same thing.

June 29, 2012
Concealed Carry Killers
[As I have said before the anti-gun movement has a culture of deceit to the point deception has become institutionalized within their organizations. They sometimes don’t even bother to hide it.

But to address Sebastian’s wonderment, their bag of tricks only contained deceit so all they can do is keep performing the same trick again and again or else give up. And giving up you life’s work is not something that you can easily do. But with the information age their kind will, just like the KKK, gradually fade away into the dustbin of history as they fail to recruit enough replacements for those that leave the movement through retirement.—Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Sebastian

  1. “They sometimes don’t even bother to hide it.”

    And sometime they fall victim to Freudian slips…

    “This important article from the Law Center to Protect Gun Violence sheds more light on the Fast and Furious program…” (as quoted from a blog entry by our very own Minnesota Mad Cow, Joan Peterson)

  2. There is simply no honest way to support the anti-rights argument. Hence why I identify myself as a FORMER anti-Gun person.

    In my youth I really thought gun control was a good idea, and I was heavily invested in it emotionally. Like any 180 ideological change to admit you were not just wrong, but HORRIBLY wrong is NOT a pleasant experience for anybody with a working self-esteem.

    If there was any way for me to take a moderate stance on gun control I would have. But I couldn’t in good conscience. Anybody who supports gun control is either ignorant of the issue (like I was, and given that the internet was in its infancy back when I was cheering “Assault Rifle” bans, and handgun bans, that ignorance MUST be intentional) or they have sinister reasons.

    The activists that we encounter are mostly of the latter, because they are too involved to simply ignore the data.

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