That didn’t work for G. Gordon Liddy

Perhaps there is something subtle going on here that I don’t understand but this seems to be a settled issue:

Obviously Holder’s been under pressure for more than a year, but I think there will be an argument by the Justice Department that anytime a president authorizes something, that whomever follows the president’s orders cannot be prosecuted.

If I recall correctly G. Gordon Liddy claimed the same thing at his trial and he got a 40 year sentence for supervising a burglary.

People at the Department of Justice and/or the ATF deliberately sent guns to Mexican drug cartels in the hopes they could recover them later at “crime scenes”. Of course in this instance “crime scenes” is an euphemism for locations where innocent people were murdered. In other words people, perhaps acting under the orders of the POTUS, deliberately engaged in activities they believed would be directly related to the deaths of innocent people. They were successful and at least 300 people died as per their plan.

Liddy was sentenced to 40 years for supervising one burglary. What does that sentence extrapolate into for supervising 300 murders?


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  1. Funny. Didn’t some people claim that “Only Following Orders” was a Legal Defense for their Crimes, and that Concept was shot down under International Law? Some place in Germany called Nuremberg about 65 years ago or so, as I recall.

  2. In answer to your last sentence I’m going to go with a promotion and a raise. After all the man(and his boss) are both *******, and we all know anything negative said is RACIST!!!!!111!!!
    Besides we are talking about members of the stupid party and the possibilty of any of them having male attributes aren’t we?

  3. DID the President authorize Fast and Furious? If so, then the AG would seem to be guilty of perjury, because he swore El Jefe Supremo didn’t know until after Brian Terry’s death.

  4. @Bugei, I don’t know if did or not. But if Holder argues he cannot be prosecuted because he was just following orders it will be a strong implication that Obama had more involvement than claimed earlier.

  5. Apart from obvious psychological issues and inability to use proper grammar, you represent the paranoid fringe of our society. Disparaging those who disagree with your right wing opinions only reinforces your image as an ignorant conspiracy theorist who compensates for his inadequate sexual equipment with lots and lots of guns.
    Next time you post something, try both a spelling and grammar check. I wondered where those Hayden Lake guys went, and apparently they’ve set up a website called “The View From North Central Idaho.”
    I’m willing to bet that the view looks like the underside of one of your cows.
    Redneck moron.

  6. @Sensible educated person, I’m pretty sure I’m just as smart, if not smarter than you. The same goes for my education (BSEE, MSEE). As a supporter of gay marriage and an atheist I’m certain neither the “right wing” nor “those Hayden Lake guys” would claim me as one of their own. The post did and does pass my spelling checker. And since you don’t know how many guns I have, let alone my “sexual equipment” that makes you the ignorant one.

    But I do thank you for your comment. I now have material for Markley’s Law Monday.

    Even trolls have their uses.

  7. Oh! Another thing… does your employer, Nordstrom’s in Seattle, know you spent nearly 40 minutes on my blog instead of working?

  8. Excellent. Thanks for the reply. I’ll add “so insecure that I have to mention my degree” and “confused about progressive causes” to your list of pathological ailments.

  9. I think your troll punched a couple of wrong keys on when the lights went out in his mother’s basement; can’t see any other way he would have gotten here…
    No mention that his beloved “progressive causes” include smuggling guns to Mexican drug cartels so they can kill a few more of their fellow Mexicans(and a couple of U.S. citizens as well).

  10. Joe,

    I would think that beating M.I.T. to the punch on the theory that we exist inside a singularity kind of beats out your degrees in terms of examples of your I.Q.

    I do love the theory that disparaging you because you have the nerve to criticize Holder’s actions is fine. But if you respond to that, you’re insecure and pathetic. I fail to see anything “sensible” about “Sensible Educated Person”.

  11. I’ll add “so insecure that I have to mention my degree”

    Yes, because someone who feels the need to tout themselves as both “sensible” and “educated” in their online alias is obviously very secure in their self-image.

    A little tip here: if you have to specifically tell people that you’re “sensible” and “educated”, rather than just letting the obvious show in your sensible, educated interjections, then there’s a very good chance that you are actually neither.

    I wonder, does this particular troll have any actual points to make in support of their opinion, or are personal insults all they’ve got? We’ve got facts, logic and history on our side. They’ve got dick jokes.

    Oh, and name-calling. Can’t forget that undeniable indicator of advanced education and sensible thought.

  12. Let’s have all the “sensible educated” people come here and explain the connection between sex, or sexual equipment, and the advocacy of liberty. I guess we’ll also need an explanation of the connection between literacy (or the lack thereof) and the advocacy of liberty. The American founders appeared to be quite literate, and they knew their history.

    As I understand Mr. Sensible and Educated, there is no argument against liberty except to say that anyone who advocates it is defective in some way. That would seem to be a rather defective premise for an argument.

    Actually it’s a distraction of course. We end up arguing; “Oh yeah? Well I’m from this or that school and this guy over here has a doctorate’s degree in…” instead of discussing principles, history, human nature, cause and effect and so on.

    The “smart people” who want to control others do have a well established history of wanting to “re-educate” those who disagree with them, or to have them committed to mental institutions. How about that, Mr. Sensible? You want to talk about who keeps company with whom? Shall we delve into the history of those who share your ideals and principles? I’m up for an in-depth and extensive comparison, penis size notwithstanding. I think that if you were all that well educated, you wouldn’t dare bring it up.

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