What, indeed, my friend

A lot of people are thinking the same thing.

But let’s not be too coy about it.  What if Al Capone actually condoned illegal activities in Chicago?  Gosh; that would be shocking, wouldn’t it?  Oh but that would mean…. No; it’s too much to contemplate.

And again, because it isn’t sinking in.  At all;
Saying that the guns were “allowed” into Mexico is a bit like saying that the Reichstag building was “allowed” to burn.  Why; they just stood by and let it happen.  That’s it– there were all these petty arsonists all over the place, setting fires all the time, so all that happened was someone (we don’t know who) turned off the pumper truck.

No, you fools; Obama and Holder longed, they desired, they were frustrated, so they planned, they plotted, they bought the gasoline, they bought the matches, and they lit the fire.  THEN they “allowed” it to burn, see?  You still don’t really know what we’re dealing with?  Do I need to slap someone upside the head?  Can you read the ten-foot high letters on the wall in front of you?  No?  Well then take a few steps back and look again!

4 thoughts on “What, indeed, my friend

  1. I’m sure you’ve read it by my Root Cause Analysis nails this fact pretty hard. The ATF by virtue of their position didn’t just “allow” guns to go to Mexico. Their power and abilities allowed them to force other’s into doing it without actually wanting to be.

    Any FFL that refused to participate would have been under investigation and thusly put out of business.

  2. In my years on this earth, I have never seen or heard about so many people that can look logic and facts in the face and not see the
    obvious. They would be the ones standing on the beach looking at a tsumami saying “Wave? Wave? What wave?”

  3. “It’s obvious Holder has dirt.”

    Of course, and so they need to go down together. The Cowards in congress will dance around in hopes that it will blow over, which means we have no government other than criminals and cowards.

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