Unauthorized Eating! Oh My!

I went to an FFA meeting a while back.  It was a pot luck banquet.  We all ate food that was prepared by semi annoymous, untrained, untested, unlicensed cooks in multiple households without inspection, using unlicensed, uninspected, unauthorized cooking equipment.  It was served in the open on low tables with no sneeze guards, and in some cases there were no tongs for serving things like hotdogs and hamburger patties.  We were drinking lemonade from an unknown source, dispensed from a communal, uninspected cooler that was being serviced by multiple, untrained, unlicensed kids.  There were no ingredients listed and there was no nutritional information posted.  No one knew for sure whether there were organic or green or union-made or imported or genetically altered foods, whether the various types of not exactly specified meat were “free range” or not and no one gave a flying crap.  It was good food.  Shockingly, no one died, or even got sick from it.  No one wet their pants even.

Better yet, a good time was had by all– There were no parasite/bureaucrats or parasite/government thugs getting in our way, no one was accusing us, no one was groping us and no one was threatening us.  This is how we eat on a regular basis and we will keep it that way.

So yeah; if you don’t like what we’re doing in this neck of the woods, just keep your worthless, less than worthless, pathetic, parasitic, self-serving, batshit insane, power-mad selves out of our way.  I know that it is virtually impossible to reason with you.  To beg people who don’t believe in freedom, asking them for our freedom, is a fool’s erand, and so I have to say that when push comes to shove, there are plenty of people who can shove back as hard as you can shove and who aren’t intimidated.  Just go and bang your head against a wall next time you feel the urge to fuck with someone.  It’s much safer.

2 thoughts on “Unauthorized Eating! Oh My!

  1. I wish the Governor of AZ had this much fortitude. What the Forest Service is doing to Tombstone is just medieval. If I was the Governor, I’d call out the damned AZ guard and say “Here, you’re the Guard, now guard these construction workers from the Forest Service while they fix their water lines.”


    It’s 2012. There’s no goddamn reason to make people dig with shovels, in the Arizona desert, in the summmer, when powertools exist. Fuck the goddamn spotted owls.

  2. Idaho gubernatorial candidate Rex Rammell was prepared to use the Idaho National Guard and the private militia to take back the roughly 50% of Idaho’s total land area that “belongs” to the federal government. Yes; one governor has a lot of power, for good or for evil.

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