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  1. If this fascination with guns is phallic compensation, then what is this fascination with other people’s guns?

    I’m not the one trying to grab other people’s guns.

  2. With all the hyper-interest in (obsession with) psychology during the 20th century I wonder if anyone has ever demonstrated any validity to this phalic compensation theroy (PCT) in any way whatsoever.

    I think dustydog is to something– perhaps every bit of it is some kind of projection. Sexual insults seem to spring all too readily from the mouths of some people. Is it pure envy, or pure sexual insecurity on their part, or is it a combination of the two? Many times I have heard, in response to some guy who has a nice car, truck, business, etc., that “he must be compensating for (ehem) something (wink wink)”. Why the seemingly incingruous and immediate references to sex? Nice vehicle = sex. Apparently successful business = sex. Gun ownership and skills = sex. Surely there must be some major, burning insecurity there, or some hyper obsession with sex, such that everything, no matter what, somehow relates directly to sex.

  3. The reason the Left is obsessed with sex is this: they have championed an utterly passive lifestyle, in which sex is the only remaining means of getting pride in self. (In practice, even this is out of their reach: when women talk about their dark fantasies, they seldom list being wantonly violated by Mother Jones writers. And when Leftist men do manage to get married, they usually end up in unhappy relationships, dominated by their wives and ultimately ending in acrimonious divorce).

    They make the assumption that others’ lives revolve around sex. In fact, most non-Leftist people just live their lives, and assume that if they are successful enough, they will get sex sooner or later. It’s only the Left that sits on their fat asses, squealing, “Why isn’t anyone pleasuring me?”

  4. Or maybe it’s just plain old immaturity. Hate something + Have no argument = Sexual insult.
    As I recall there was a lot of that going on in junior high school.

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