Quote of the day—Dorothy Parker

The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue.

Dorothy Parker
[I recently was talking to someone who herself is quite good with wisecracks and told her, “That reminds me of a Dorothy Parker quote” (the one about using horticulture in a sentence). She didn’t know who Parker was so I gave her a 1 minute biography. Parker’s complete biography, Dorothy Parker: What Fresh Hell Is This?, is quite good even if it is a slow motion tragedy.

The next day my friend sent me an email saying she had looked up information on Parker. So I did a quick search to see what she might have found and came across the quote above which was new to me.

Of course my first thought upon reading it was Parker was reincarnated as Tamara. I think there is a good chance the timeline even matches close enough.—Joe]

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  1. Actually I don’t put it in print. I put it on the Internet and a thousand or so people read it.

    You better be careful what you say to me…


  2. I’ve always been fond of her book review “this book should not be tossed aside, but flung with great force.”

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